Most tuition fees are collected at the beginning of each term.
TERM 1  Jan - April  *  TERM 2 May - Aug * TERM 3 Sept - Dec
You can combine one-to-one classes with pair and small group lessons.
NB! European Union tax residents,  please add + 20% VAT  to all prices
1-to-1EUR 28.80EUR 36.00
pair classEUR 14.40EUR 18.00
group of 3EUR 9.60EUR 12.00
group of 4EUR 7.20EUR 9.00
1-to-1 CLASSES

If you need just ONE individual lesson, and you need either General or Business English, or English for such Exams as IELTS, FCE or CAE, the fee is EUR 28.80/60 mins or  EUR 43.20/90 mins on weekdays. At weekends, most standalone lessons cost EUR 36/60 mins or EUR 54/90 mins.
In most cases when you need English for Specific Purposes, something that cannot be described as General English or English for popular English Exams, we cannot say how much your unique individual lesson will cost unless we know what exactly we will have to teach you. To help us  diagnose your learning needs and help us collect all your requirements, sign up for a placement interview (it is free) first, please. 

After the interview we will provide a price quote. In most situations we charge the EUR 24-28.80/60 mins rate for very short 5-12 hour 1-to-1 courses. Higher rates are likely to apply only when non-standard  content or methodology is required. If you want to attend cheaper individual lessons at EUR 18-24/60 mins , consider purchasing 40 or more individual lessons. 

If your level is A1, A2, or B1.1 (zero beginner aka starter, elementary, or pre-intermediate), consider studying with a Junior Tutor. Individual lessons with most Junior Tutors cost EUR 18/60 mins, while pair classes are EUR 9/60 mins.  
If you want to attend cheaper PAIR lessons at EUR 9.60-11.40/60 mins, consider purchasing 50 or more pair lessons. 


If you are interested in a low-cost MONTHLY solution, and would like to attend pair and small group lessons only, consider purchasing the MONTHLY pair and small group PLAN at EUR 144.or EUR 288.

The price list was revised on 17 APRIL, 2018.
The price list is effective till 31 AUGUST, 2018.